Employee Discount Program

A wonderful way to acknowledge your valued employees during this upcoming holiday season.

The Wood Mountain Employee Discount Program provides your employees exclusive access to purchase beautiful, fresh cut Christmas trees, wreaths and holiday greenery at wholesale pricing!

Choose Your Wholesale Option

Option 1

Initiate the “Employee Purchase” program in early October. Optimize a payroll deduction program for payment. Imagine how nice it is to have a tree paid for before Christmas.

Option 2

Bulk purchase – “Gift” your employees a Christmas tree and/or wreath.

No Up-Front Costs

No Participation Fees

There are no “up-front” costs or prepayment requirements.

Ordering and Delivery

Orders Due

All orders are due to Wood Mountain in mid-November. Payments must be made to Wood Mountain within 48 hours of submitting your final order to ensure your products arrive in a timely manner.


All products are typically delivered by the first weekend of December.

Trees for Troops / Wreaths for Troops Add-On

Honor and support our active-duty military families with the gift of a Christmas Tree and/or Wreath by adding this program to your offering. It’s a great opportunity to give back to our military members & their families. Donate a 6/7’ Douglas Fir tree and/or a 24” Noble Fir Wreath with Patriotic Bow. Donated trees and wreaths are harvested in the Pacific Northwest and shipped fresh directly to military bases across the USA. There is zero handling of the product for your organization.

Premium Products

Our premium nursery-quality trees, handcrafted wreaths and evergreen swags are fresh from the Pacific Northwest.

We offer three varieties of Christmas trees, 24” round wreaths, cross wreaths and evergreen swags.

Our Trees


Douglas Fir

The traditional Douglas Fir features soft, dark green/blue needles that radiate in all directions and has a strong pine fragrance. Sizes range from 5′-9′.


Noble Fir

Our most popular tree, the Noble Fir is known for its beauty and ability to retain freshness. It has a fresh pine fragrance and firm branches for holding heavier ornaments. Sizes range from 5’-10’.


Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir has excellent needle retention with soft dark green needles. It requires less water, lacks fragrance and may be ideal for those with allergies to pine. Sizes range from 5’-10’.

Our Greenery

24″ Noble Fir Wreath

Wreaths are handcrafted using Noble Fir boughs. They are accented with incense cedar, blue-berried juniper, red berries and frosted pine cones. The perfect “welcome” on your front door during the holidays.


24″ Cross Wreath

Made from premium Noble Fir boughs and adorned with white incense cedar, blue-berried juniper, red berries and pine cones. Excellent for gifts or as a memorial placement.

24″ Evergreen Swag

Fresh and fragrant Noble Fir boughs are finished with various accents including white incense cedar, blue-berried juniper, red berries and frosted pine cones. Can be used alone or combine two to create a gorgeous centerpiece.

Wreaths for Troops

Wreaths for Troops are handcrafted using Noble Fir boughs. They are accented with incense cedar, blue-berried juniper, red berries, frosted pine cones and a patriotic bow. This is a donation-only item.